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Strengthen Your AZ Economy

Did you know that local businesses reinvest 60% more into your economy than the corporate chains? Did you know that small businesses account for 75% of all new jobs in the country?

Most people don’t realize the huge positive impact created when utilizing a locally owned business. To put this into a financial perspective, if every family in the Phoenix Metropolitan area spent just an extra $10/month locally, a staggering $120,127,358 is pumped back into your AZ economy each year. What if that figure went from $10 a month to $100 a month? That would recirculate $1,201,273,580. That’s over 1.2 billion dollars per year that stimulates our economy simply by shopping smart and staying local.

Bottom Line

If a locally owned business has comparable or even lower prices coupled with, in many cases, better customer service, why wouldn’t you do your part in growing our economy?
The more people that educate themselves about their economy, the more they are willing to do to strengthen the economy they so desperately depend on for every day living.

Do your part: Spread the word, and shop local!

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